3L PLAN: Online Coaching (10 weeks)


Long-Term Leaner Lifestyle #3Lplan 

The clients we work with online create amazing lifestyle changes that are long term and sustainable.  The combination of support and accountability works perfectly to achieve progress in becoming a leaner you. 

You will join a group of like-minded people on a fat loss journey.  You will be coached in both exercise and nutrition techniques which always have our key principles in mind: flexible, sustainable and long term.  You will be given valuable science-proven content throughout and you will be part of a supportive community.  

No FAD diets or training techniques, just science-based methods that are proven to work!

With our 10 week online coaching plan you will receive all of the following:


Guide books educating you in the science behind nutrition and fat loss. 

How to set personalised calorie and macronutrient goals.

How to use MyFitnesspal.

Weekly planning for flexible eating.

Access to our online recipe centre which is updated weekly. 

Planning for the future - long-term lifestyle change.


Education in how to plan workouts that fit into your lifestyle.

Custom session planners: resistance and cardio training. 

Custom planning can create sessions in a gym, at home or outdoors.

Weekly planner for flexible training.

No generic plans.

Access to our video coaching library with all the exercises you need to create your session plans.

Planning for the future: long-term lifestyle change.


Education on how to track your progress. 

Using a weekly progress report. 

Weekly check-ins via email/Whatsapp.

Access to our private 3L Plan Facebook community which includes weekly content and answers weekly questions.

A community which supports each other as they progress through the 10 week plan together.

Planning for the future: long-term lifestyle change.


If you would like to benefit from all of the above in our online coaching plan, please apply below.  We will get back in touch with you within 2 working days. 

Total Price - £180 

(can be paid in 2 x £90 instalments at week 1 and week 5)


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